Ce 25 janvier a marqué l’entrée dans les festivités du nouvel an chinois, basé sur le calendrier lunaire.
Comme à Speakablabla nous ne manquons pas une occasion d’enrichir notre culture, nous avons célébré avec les Speakablers, cette fête partagée par de nombreux pays anglophones :

Chinese people put red banners with lucky words, phrases and sentences on their front doors, as well as their interior doors, to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year.

These red banners and lucky word signs are called “chūn lián” (春聯|春联).

The paper for the banners is always red, while the words are in gold or black.

The Chinese regard red as an auspicious color.

See the beautiful Lucky Word Sign with the character “Fú 福” we crafted this Wednesday.

Fú 福  is the most popular and most auspicious Chinese character that you must know for the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy and wonderful Year of the Rat  新年快樂  san nin faai lok !