Aujourd’hui c’est mercredi et les Speakablers nous manquent !

En ce jour de la Terre nous avons eu envie de partager cette activité créative à forte valeur pédagogique (vous nous connaissez !). Petits et grands, à vos méninges 🙂


Brainstorm your carbon footprint poster

What do you need ?
A large sheet of paper, markers, paint (optional), IDEAS !!!

Step 1
Draw  a footprint on a large piece of bristol board. We thought black paint made the most sense…just like a carbon footprint. You may want to stamp it by brushing the paint on the bottom of your foot and then stamp into the middle of the board.

Step 2
List all the items that contribute to a BIG carbon footprint.
We thought of :

  • Driving a car – burning fuel (gasoline)
  • Flying in a plane – burning fuel (jet fuel)
  • Wasting energy in our house – burning fuel (natural gas/coal/nuclear energy)
  • Buying imported food – food that travels great distances – burning fuel (gasoline/jet fuel)
  • Buying non-organic food – pesticide production and transportation burn fuel
  • Using inefficient lights – burning fuel (natural gas/coal/nuclear energy)
  • Wasting water at home – cleaning water uses fuel (natural gas/coal/nuclear energy)

Step 3
Brainstorm ways to make our carbon footprint smaller, and draw the list on your poster.

Be creative and discuss all the alternative and environmentally friendlier choices you could make.
Among inspirations came :

  • Carpool
  • Turn off the lights
  • Don’t waste water
  • Bike/Walk/Scooter when you can
  • Recycle and reuse paper at home and at school
  • Turn off the computer when it isn’t being used
  • Don’t waste food
  • Compost what we can

Step 4
Brainstorm a conclusive quote for your poster.
Ours is « On our way to a smaller carbon footprint ».

Have fun !

With love,

Christelle, Virginie, Axelle, Karishma, Patrick, Jake, Cristina, Katja