Nous avons la chance à Speakablabla de cotoyer des personnalités extraordinaires. Les membres de notre équipe d’animateurs ont des parcours, une culture, un sens du partage et de la pédagogie qui nous enrichissent chaque jour.

Cet été, Patrick Inok Dynamic, originaire du Niger, nous a rejoint et apporte à notre équipe sa sagesse et son enthousiasme.

Anglophone natif, il partage son expérience dans des livres écrits en français à l’attention des enfants et de leurs parents.
Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter son dernier ouvrage et de lui laisser la parole :

« I found in Speakablabla a place in Toulouse where children from ages 5 to 16 have fun while learning a language during extracurricular periods and holidays. Here children are taken care of, by native workshop’s leaders from foreign countries who help them to discover foreign cultures in a friendly atmosphere, meet, exchange, share, play and get a real experience of communicating in any language of their choice.

My encounter with the headmistress, Christelle Bruguier Soriano, was a very rich exchange. Considering the objectives to meet, technical tools, a well-simplified manner of learning and the peaceful and respectable environment motivated me into joining the team and I have been working with them ever since.

As an English teacher, conducting an English workshop, using mostly conversations, tales and songs with the children remains a pleasure that I desire to keep and enjoy for a long time with Speakablabla.

I’m always delighted to work out, and bring into existence, the imaginative mind of these young ones by using spoken English as a tool. Giving them the necessary confidence they need to overcome their shyness, the fear of making mistakes and leading them to the awareness of their capacities.

While working with children, I discovered that most of them, if not all, are scared of makink mistakes. This inspired me into writing this book titled “Mistakes, an inevitable and necessary step”, stating out different aspect of mistakes, the advantages, the necessity and the importance of it in the life of every growing child and adults.

This book is intended for children and parents, and more generally for all adults.

You will certainly find yourself in the story of Haïzora. BUT how are you going to position yourself in this story?

What will you do to avoid being overwhelmed by feelings of discomfort?

How would you behave in a variety of situations that would inspire you in this book?

This book is full of emotions. Some events are very touching. The question of priorities for oneself, understanding, patience, the logic of things and the paths to take to find solutions in our daily life are all questions that are addressed and well simulated in this story.

Certain attitudes and innocuous demands from adults may seem harmless but can have decisive impacts on children’s lives.

Immerse yourself in the story of Haïzora, a clever little girl, ready to do anything possible to avoid disappointing her parents. Demanding and courageous, she is determined to be perfect and to admit no mistake. Yet she needs it to grow well like every child.

Why is she so committed to perfection? How is she coping with her difficulties?

Neither his schoolteacher nor his father can make her understand and accept her mistakes. Haïzora is closing in on herself more and more. All hope lies henceforth on her mother, but where is she? Will she manage to regain the trust of her daughter? One thing is certain, Haïzora also needs your help, and so will you agree to help her?

Do not ever feel unable to embark on an adventure for fear of failing or making mistakes. Only through this means will you develop your potential.

Mistakes should be seen as a chance in the present, to get out of a difficult situation in the future. »

​More than 100 pages including 21 colour illustrations.